BRIGHT MINDS – Keep your brain younger and healthier (Part 1)

We owe most of the success of humans being the alpha species of the planet to the development of our brains, the highly complex jelly like structure, made of fat and water, that gives our life its true meaning. To truly enjoy life and to age gracefully, we need to tap into the powers of the mind and use tools and techniques to make sure our brain is in a better shape than it was yesterday.

“To feel successful, you must be able to be honest about the things that are really important to you.”

― Dr. Daniel Amen

I came across these tips while listening to the mind valley podcasts by Vishen lakhiani, and a guest appearance by Dr. Daniel Amen, an American celebrity doctor who practices as a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist as director of the Amen Clinics. He thinks that by implementing these techniques, one can benefit enormously and avoid premature brain ageing, and in some cases, reverse brain ageing.

Bright Minds

B: Blood flow

Blood: the invaluable fluid keeping us alive, one breath at a time.
But, Why is it important to maintain a good blood flow to the brain?

  • A good blood flow increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain
  • It is also responsible for removing the accumulated toxins

How can we improve blood flow?

  1. Reduce/avoid addictive compounds like Caffeine/Nicotine/Alcohol
    – One can limit caffeine to one cup a day.
  2. Exercise more often
  3. Walk more
  4. Table Tennis (it is one of the best games for a healthy brain, due to the fast game-play and the increased brain activity to keep a track of the spins and speeds)
  5. Dance (Also involves increased mind and body coordination)
  6. Eating healthy foods like (Beets/Pomegranate)

R: Retirement in ageing

When we stop learning, the brain cells start dying, the forms of learning can be simple or complex, some of the best things to learn, with the perspective of brain health, are:

  • Learning a new language
  • Learning new skills in a profession (Soft skills/tools)
  • Musical instrument
  • Art (Drawing/Painting)

We can learn through interaction, we can learn from books/podcasts/online courses, we just need to make sure that what we learn is inline with what we want to achieve in career and in Life.

I: Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when a part of our body is healing itself. It is often accompanied by tingling sensations in our body, but its more subtle or unnoticeable in the brain.

What can cause brain inflammation response?
Brain injuries and chronic diet related diseases like diabetes, high blood sugar, and gut problems.

This inflammation can cause a feeling of depression or brain fog, and can leave us feeling a bit confused and dull.

To counter the continued inflammatory response, we have to make changes to our diet, we can follow some of the precautionary measures as followed,

  • Add Omega-3 fatty acids to the diet (Walnuts, fish, fish oil supplement)
  • Avoid saturated fats and sugar
  • Add more fruits and veggies to the diet
  • Small amounts of turmeric can also be helpful
  • Saffron in its natural state is said to improve mood and alleviate inflammation

If the condition persists or is significant or severe, seek professional medical help. Also its advisable to discuss with a professional dietician and discuss all the problems and medical history before making any major diet changes.

G: Genetics

“Genes load the gun, but our behavior pulls the trigger.”

Dr. Daniel Amen

Although people are born with certain predetermined patterns of brain and body development owing to their genetics, we can control our behavior and can respond back according to what we are more prone to and control our behavior asap.

Lets say, that our metabolism is naturally on a slower side, causing an “unexplained” weight gain, but we do some research and understand that metabolism can also be affected by some amounts of moderate exercise and healthy eating, giving us our control back.

We can also be aware of our surroundings and keep making a conscious effort into making it a more healthy atmosphere for a better brain. Eg: Having things or items that remind us of making an effort towards a healthy life, books, going for a walk in fresh air, avoid places with smoke, and so on.

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Grow better by Leveraging Habits and Goals


Most of the top performers agree on the fact that the things that had the most impact on their lives and that which provided the most happiness had come from following a system of habits and making them into routines. There is a lot of power in their habits and routines. If, like me, you too want to keep working on yourself and in the meantime figure out your purpose, these habits can act as tools to help you do that.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Rohn

Most common habits that the top performers work on are listed below:

  1. Setting goals, visualizing, and executing them
  2. Having/Building great relationships (Personal & Professional)
  3. Maintaining the Mind: The tool and the guide
  4. Building the body: Building the strength to start your day (Healthy eating+Exercise)
  5. Working and understanding one’s emotions
  6. Sleeping/Resting well
  7. Optimizing time and scheduling
  8. Improving one’s knowledge base
  9. Practicing Gratitude and Compassion
  10. Adding an element of play and/or art

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Surround yourselves with the best minds on the Planet

Power is power, but since our lives are not exactly like that of the life of Cersei Lannister, its safe to assume that knowledge is power, and the world has loads of it. We consume content all the time, and since we are (or become) what we consume, we need to make sure to choose the sources of our knowledge wisely from the infinite. How do we get to know/choose what content is good for us? For the start, we can follow the top leaders of the field we want to improve in and devour the content that they might be consuming or the ones that they relate to. Maybe Follow their Social media, podcasts, or blogs, read the books they read or the ones they have written. And if they are into mentoring, we could ask them for a internship in their office, we provide them with free work/time and they provide us with the invaluable experience. Every choice is an opportunity, lets choose to learn and improve, with the help of the ones before us.

“Sleep is good, and books are better.”

George R.R. Martin

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Save the planet, ban single use Plastics.

For a long time now I have been thinking about the unlimited supply of plastics we find around us, especially the single use plastics like, use and throw water bottles, covers of most daily commodities, wrappers of chocolates and chips and so on. All this plastic ends up in either our drains leading ultimately to the oceans or they end up in a land fill.

Plastics that end up in seas and oceans[1].

These plastics and waste items in general lead to water and land pollution, they take thousands of years to completely degrade. They become smaller by the acts of nature and are then consumed by the animals who don’t know any better, plastics are found in fatal quantities in many fishes, birds, mammals like cows and goats. Not only this, the landfill plastics often result in the pollution of groundwater, one of our last reliable source of fresh water, causing widespread diseases.

We need to take this seriously and act fast. We can begin by recycling all the plastic that is already in circulation, ban single use plastics and reduce waste generation where ever possible.

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First Post. About me.

Hello, as of today, I have finished my 4 year course on Mechanical Engineering, finishing engineering is a weird feeling, it feels good on one hand to have a degree, but on the other hand there is not much significance that I can draw from the fact that I have it. Anyways I am at that point in time where I have decided to pursue higher studies but am not sure what I am getting myself into in terms of the expenses involved and debt I would incur especially if the ROI would be worth it after studying for 2 years both in terms of money and time. Its a risk I am willing to take, as the field I want to pursue is renewable energy which has a lot of future scope and doing it from one of the European universities might give me the edge I want to have a career in renewable energy and sustainability. I, along with being a specialist in a field that interests me i.e. solar, also want to help the world move to a more sustainable path, regaining its natural beauty and glory. I also love getting fitter and eating healthy, I am yet to get better at both. Most of my posts for a while here will be regarding saving nature, its beauty and getting fit mentally and physically, I will try to be as honest I can be about what I am feeling and what I try to convey.

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